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Barcelona: Antonin Gaudi, architect

The visionary whose designs have been realized in La Sagrada Familia was already well known in Barcelona when he took on responsibility for the basilica in 1883. He continued the work until his death in 1926. As he was walking … Continue reading

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Barcelona: La Sagrada Familia (The Holy Family)

La Sagrada Familia has been under construction since 1886. It is today’s living example of how gothic cathedrals were built – slowly, often over hundreds of years, evolving with the styles and the decisions made by each architect/builders in turn. … Continue reading

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Beautiful Barcelona!

I don’t think there can be a city with more beautiful buildings than Barcelona. By that I’m referring both to the designs used in the creation of buildings and the number of extraordinary buildings in this city. Although there are … Continue reading

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Madrid and the Prado Museum of Art

Fourteen years ago my husband George and I were here. For those who haven’t heard this, I’ll quickly tell you that we spent more than eleven months traveling around Europe in 2001-02. We spent most of January in Spain. We … Continue reading

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