Blogging Again

My apologies for having neglected this blog for the past six months or so. I’m going to beginning my blog again because I’m now planning a long journey for 2019. For the next few months, as I prepare for my trip, I’ll sometimes share with you my thoughts about planning a months-long journey and some tricks I’ve found for saving money. I will also be telling you about my plans and the places I plan to visit. Many of them are far off the tourist trail — I’m excited!

In the past six months I did make one good trip. I went to Georgia and Florida to visit family and to experience some places that were new to me. I’ll begin the reincarnation of my blog by telling you about two of them, Florida and Savannah Georgia.

One project I spent lots of time on recently was printing and framing a few of my favorite photos from my past travels. Have I ever told you that I had my bathroom “wallpapered” with my old maps? One long wall of maps seems like the perfect place for a photo display.  Here are some of the pictures that hang on that wall now.

The birdman of Paris, 2005

Beautiful Rye, England, 2016

Boy with a ball, Paris, 2006

Women’s work, Lisbon market, 2016

An old sailor, Mikonos Greece, 2014

The photo at the top was taken in Killarney, Ireland, 2016.