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For several months recently I've been traveling around Europe. Write to me at if you would like to receive a very short email each time I post new words and pictures here. I would love for you to tell your friends who love to travel about this blog. And I would be very happy to read about your experiences, your suggestions and your questions in the comments section. Let's make this blog a conversation! Thanks! Libbie Griffin

Oxford, England

I made a good choice when I decided on Oxford when choosing an English city to visit. I love history and Oxford is filled with it. Stories about “old boys” (as the grads are called). Buildings that are hundreds of … Continue reading

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The Towns of Marshfield and Duxbury, Massachusetts

Marshfield is a collection of villages. It’s a beach town – but only in a couple of those villages. It inherited – but not officially – a piece of Scituate. One village called Marshfield Hills is an old, charming place centered … Continue reading

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Scituate, Massachusetts

I love the small New England town called Scituate – pronounced Sit-chew-it, said very quickly).  It was home to my family during the years when our sons were growing up. Looking back, I think I probably didn’t appreciate it then … Continue reading

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The Towns of Hingham and Cohasset, Massachusetts

Hingham is the furthest north of the South Shore towns and Cohasset is just to its south. Both of these beautiful places have long been upscale residential neighborhoods for Boston commuters. Riding a ferry to work in Boston is a … Continue reading

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Boston’s South Shore

Between Boston and Plymouth, along the Atlantic shore, lie historic small towns that are among the oldest towns in America. Visitors to New England often miss these towns as the hurry from Boston to Cape Cod. If one day you … Continue reading

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Return to Fruit Hill

My delightful summer in Ireland has begun!  I arrived on Sunday morning, managed to collect a rental car and drive it safely for 2+ hours to the farm near the town of New Ross, Ireland that I consider my second … Continue reading

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Europe? Go Now!

If you have ever wanted to go to – or return to – Europe, this is the year to go! It’s not just that the cost of going there is lower than it’s been in years. New airlines and lower … Continue reading

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