Making Up for Lost Time

I am now on a journey that will be 15 months long when it’s finished if all goes as planned. I’m mostly going to countries many Americans never visit and you’re invited to come along.  Small Eastern European countries are my favorites. I’m writing this from the island of Cyprus, a tiny island divided by politics into two nations. Civilized societies have existed here for more than 12,000 years. It’s fascinating and beautiful. Great winter weather too!

I began blogging “In My Suitcase” on August 1, 2014. At that time I was a travel agent and I wanted to share information about places I was offering to my clients. Since then I’ve visited and written about (on this blog) many countries in Europe and other places. Not long after Covid struck I was blocked and unable to post by a change in the blogging software. Yesterday I discovered another change made it possible for me to post again.

August 1, 2021 was the day I flew to Poland to begin this year in Europe. August 1, 2022 is the date I’ve picked to return to the United States. It’s been a year of travel, made possible in large part by AirBnB. I’ve made new friends in several countries. I’ve explored the large nation of Poland and plan to return to see more. In the months ahead I intend to visit Bosnia-Herzegovina.  I’m spending this winter in a tiny nation, Cyprus, and loving it.

In the time of Covid traveling has not been normal or easy. When I left home in May with the intention of visiting my family and returning to San Francisco and the west coast before flying to Europe, I thought we were finished with the Corona virus. I might not be making this trip if there hadn’t been a hiatus in the first round of Covid-19. At that time the airports were packed with people, many of them young adults. Lines to check in for a flight could involve an hour or more of waiting but it was definitely worth doing.

In Virginia I got to watch my grandson Charlie’s karate class and to meet my friend Sandi who had moved away from New Bern. In Ohio I was shown around Columbus by my newly retired brother Blaine and his wife Agi, during my first visit “home” in several years. I had time with my grandchildren Sarah and Colin in Michigan. That’s time I had really missed during 2021. I enjoyed time with my grandson Alex and learned about his plans for his new dog training business. I attended my oldest grandson’s graduation from Suffolk University, an event held in Fenway Park in Boston so there could be safe space around every participant. I met my great grandson Myles, the son of Chris and Amanda, for the first time!  Myles was born on the first day of the “lockdown” in Massachusetts. This 5-city tour ended with a stop in New Orleans, a city I had never visited. I met my brother Joe and his wife, Susan, there for a memorable Memorial Day weekend.

A bit earlier in Spring 2021 I drove to Atlanta to catch up with my husband’s daughter Patti, her son Andrew and his wife Jenna, and their three beautiful children whom I count as my great-grandchildren because I love them.

I promise to keep this blog growing, to share with you some photos of places I’ve enjoyed visiting, and to tell the story of my journey in the Year of Covid. Here are just a few photos taken at family events.


Now you can see my family photo album of 2021 but I promise future pictures will be about exciting places, not exciting people.

3 thoughts on “Making Up for Lost Time

  1. So glad you are including me once again! You know that I am vicariously with you on your wonderful travels! Looking forward to reading about all the exciting places you’ll be going.


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