Bergamo, Italy

Today is March 27, 2020. For about two weeks most of the world has been self-quarantining, trying to avoid the novel coronavirus (Covid-19). The New York Times says today that Bergamo, Italy is the heart of the coronavirus outbreak. The Times features a report and photo essay about the misery there.

I once spent a few hours in Bergamo, making a stop for lunch between the Veneto and Lake Como.  It is one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Italy and deserves to be better known for its cathedral and its delightful old town.  Here are some of the pictures I took in 2009.

A charming way to arrive in Bergamo.

A delightful sign and windows open to the sun and air.

Like most Italian cities, Bergamo’s old buildings were built from stone several centuries ago.

The main altar of the cathedral.

The beautifully decorated dome and arches above the nave.

Classic Italian design.


The street in front of the cathedral.

May we all be past this horrible pandemic soon.




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