I’ve Looked at Clouds from Both Sides Now!

I’ve spent a little more than a year in Ireland and always had fine weather. Oops! Always until the past few weeks. Since I last wrote to this blog the weather has been cold, cloudy and very windy.  I can go exploring in cold and cloudy but winds over 20 miles per hour kept me inside for two weeks. The photo above, taken from the lane into the farm this morning, shows you how the clouds look when they roll in from the west. Here are a few more photos taken close to “home” recently.

The view from my bedroom window early one morning this week.

At the pond at the John F. Kennedy Memorial Garden and Arboretum. Note the white sky!

The garden gate here at Fruit Hill Cottages.

Another view from Fruit Hill.

One day this week the sky was blue and the sun was shining! I took a nearby ferry to the Waterford side of the river.

In the village across the river I found Mother McHugh! (She wasn’t home.)

Yesterday I walked through the woods at the JFK Arboretum.

One nice thing about clouds — they make good sunsets!

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