Fruit Hill: An Old Farm in Ireland

I’ve returned to my favorite place on earth, the countryside of Ireland. For the third time I’ve rented a vacation cottage on the ancient farm of my friends, Susan and Dick. I plan to stay for a couple of months. While Ireland is beautiful indeed and I love this area, most of all it is the friendliness of Dick and Susan that keeps me coming back to Fruit Hill. It feels like my second home.

The farm dates to the 17th century as does the enormous house that Dick and Susan restored. Formerly their dairy farm, they now offer three self-catering rentals. Recently I took my camera for a walk around the farm, capturing some images for you. I hope they’ll explain to you why I come here, year after year, for months at a time.

Fruit Hill is reached by a long lane that leads to a narrow country road in Southeastern Ireland. Once much larger, today it contains a few acres, a huge ancient home and three fully-furnished rental cottages.

Mocha, the watch cat, guards the place.

This old gate opens to a garden filled with perennials. Every week something new is in bloom while something else goes to seed. In late summer striking blue-flowered plants more than 6 feet tall, grow in the space to the right of the gate.

Now, in May, columbine blooms in white and blue and pink.

At the rear of the old garden several apple trees are covered in blooms.



Apple blossoms

Dick’s old Massey-Ferguson tractor gets little use now.

Dick stays busy on his smaller tractor these days. Susan and Dick maintain four old houses and the land around them, and a family of five plus many visitors. The clothes line gets lots of use!

Four chickens are all the livestock on the farm now.

This lovely lady crouches among the blue bells near my door and seldom goes away.


Life for me is slow and easy here, peaceful, restful.

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