In Morocco

I’m in Africa!  The northwest corner of Africa, where the sky is extraordinarily clean and blue. North Africa, of which Morocco is an important part, is not a great deal like Equatorial Africa or South Africa.  It’s the site of the Sahara Dessert and the Berbers.  As it continues to be today, the country has been ruled by one dynasty since 1631. An elected Parliament sharing governance with the king. Morocco is primarily a Muslim country – at certain times of the day the call to prayer can be heard coming from three minarets.

I’m staying in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco.  Certain sections of the city are brand new (such as the area where the new rail station shown above is located. Other areas (such as the Medina) are ancient – though no one there seems to be without a mobile phone. There’s an active commercial district filled with western-style stores and where today I found McDonalds, Starbucks and Pizza Hut.

Here are some scenes of Rabat you may find interesting:

Here’s a view of the “souk.” Much smaller than the famous one in Marrakech, it covers several blocks of streets. Most merchandise seems intended to appeal to tourists.

Rabat has a number of tall ancient towers erected in the memory of kings.

In the oldest parts of town the streets are filled with merchandise and buyers. Many shops, like this one, display goods inside and out.

A street in the Kasbah quarter.

On the left is the door to the house where I’m staying.

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