Three Perfect Days in Seattle

Seattle view from ferry

Seattle may just be America’s best big city. There’s so much to do there, to taste there, to see there! It’s a beautiful, welcoming city. We stayed near the airport and used the tram to the city center. It was quick, clean and affordable. Our first stop was the enormous Pike Place Market. One of America’s first farmer’s markets, vendors there sell foods of all kinds, the most gorgeous flowers, plus arts and crafts and products from all over the world. The place is filled with scrumptious restaurants. The seafood is (as you might expect) fantastic!

Seattle 1

The Pike Place Market on the Seattle waterfront has been a favorite of residents and tourists for decades. Don’t miss it!

On another day we went to the scene of the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair. Of course we got there by the famous elevated monorail which was built for that fair. It takes visitors directly to Seattle Center, where the Space Needle still gives them thrilling views of the city. Seattle Center is an excellent example of modern urban planning. The site of the 1962 world’s fair has become a place where children and adults play and learn. It’s a great venue for people watching. Given Seattle’s reputation for rainy weather, we were lucky. The three days we were there in late May were gloriously sunny and perfectly warm.

Seattle 3

Seattle’s famous Space Needle was constructed for the 1962 world’s fair. The site of that fair now comprise Seattle Center.

On another day we took a ferry to Bainbridge Island. Essentially a perfect suburb, the island is 35-minute ferry ride from the Seattle waterfront. We enjoyed just being there. We found and enjoyed an authentic Seattle coffee house. We walked around in perfect weather, exploring the small shops near the ferry terminal and stopping for a delicious lunch in the sunshine. We enjoyed watching children enter the port in a tiny-boat parade. If you have time to do it on your visit to Seattle, don’t miss either the scenic ferry ride to Bainbridge Island or the opportunity to relax in a very comfortable setting.

Seattle ferry view

One view of Seattle from the Bainbridge Island ferry.

Bainbridge Island scene

Some lucky kids!

Seattle coffee house

A pair of true Seattle baristas in a Peak’s Island coffee house.

Seattle is such a friendly town! People on the street (many of them young adults) offered to help us find our way around, sometimes leading us to the places we sought. Being in Seattle for a few days was a fine experience, one I hope to repeat soon.


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