Home Again!


Although I flew home last Friday I’m still feeling the effects of jet lag and waking up in the middle of the night. That’s making me slow and dopey throughout the day and is at least part of the reason why it’s taken several days for me to write for this blog. (Incidentally, I do plan to continue the blog. If you aren’t on the list to receive an email each time I add to the blog you may want to join it now. My posting schedule is likely to be less predictable. Find the link to request emails below.)

My trip was fine! I traveled for more than five months to eight countries and enjoyed making new discoveries every day. As you know if you’ve been reading as I’ve been traveling, I love the history that can be found everywhere in Europe, the great works of art and architecture left to us by earlier generations, the beautiful natural places and gardens, and the many pleasant people encountered along the way.

Solo travel isn’t for everyone. Sometimes I was lonely but I found traveling alone worked well for me most of the time. I thought about putting here today a list of the places I visited and my memories and impressions of them but that seems unnecessary since I’ve really recorded all that on this blog as I traveled. Then I thought about choosing a few photos you haven’t seen.

Most of my photos are taken on my excellent Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ60 camera. I’ve been really happy with the pictures I’ve gotten on this glorified point-and-click camera with a great lens and a 24x zoom. I’m also very happy that I managed not to break it during five months of frequent use.

That camera wasn’t always with me however and when it wasn’t I took pictures with my Iphone 5S. Those pictures were sometimes more spontaneous. In looking through them to pick a few to share with you today I was reminded of days during my trip that might not be remembered as well had I not been able to take photos with my phone. Here are a few of those “memories.” The one above was taken in Killarney National Park, Ireland.


January: Paris. A view of the great dome of the Lafayette department store decorated for the holidays.


February: Lisbon. I took this photo at the bus stop by my apartment in the Alfama district as I prepared to depart.


March: Nice France I like pictures of the narrow passages that wind through the old cities and towns of Europe, and I loved the light that shone on drying laundry here.


April: England A group of friends gathered for lunch in a lovely pub.


May: Ireland A few boats waiting for tourists near Ross Castle in Killarney.

Thank you for traveling with me by reading my posts. Writing to you enhanced my journey and your comments and emails dispelled any loneliness I might have been feeling.



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