Having Fun in Kinsale!


Kinsale is an ancient town and one that’s popular with tourists today. It’s located on the bottom edge of Ireland, on a place where a wide river meets the ocean. It’s famous for its excellent restaurants. It’s filled with pubs, B&Bs and shops yet it doesn’t feel “touristy” because its historical buildings are still working hard, hosting the town’s 21st century businesses. The weather this week is a perfect 75 degrees (fahrenheit) and the sun is going to smile on Ireland all week. I’ve definitely seen all four seasons during the seven weeks I’ve been in Ireland but this week is the best!

Kinsale is the beginning point of the “Wild Atlantic Way,” a 2500-kilometer route that stretches from West Cork to Donegal. Lined with cliffs, lighthouses, ancient villages and much more, this is the route for exploring western Ireland by car, bike or on foot. Learn much more by clicking on the blue link above.

Here are a few images of Kinsale that I captured this morning. I hope they will give you a “taste” of this charming old town.


The streets of KInsale are filled with colorful shops and cafés located in 17th and 18th century buildings. In centuries past Kinsale was an important departure port for ships to North America which results in a town filled with durable ancient buildings, now “re-purposed.”


This charming cottage with window boxes like ship hulls is at the end of five cottages in the heart of the town. The other four have beautiful front gardens at their front doors.


Two of the old buildings that have seen history made for centuries from their location at the water’s edge. Today pleasure craft fill a marina, taking the place of the hundreds of trans-oceanic ships that stopped in this active port town during the 16th to the 19th centuries.


When I asked this passing gent if I could take a picture of him and his shirt he quickly assured me that I’d see many more shirts like his in the next couple of days. Ireland’s in the playoffs of a world-class championship series.

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