A Sunday Morning Walk in Old Lincoln, England


Join me for a walk around Lincoln. Let me show you what I found last Sunday morning. First we’ll do a bit of shopping then we’ll hop in a horse-drawn carriage and tour the town. I hope you’ll see why I like this town so much!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have so many pictures of Lincoln that I decided to create this slide show. I hope it works for you.





2 thoughts on “A Sunday Morning Walk in Old Lincoln, England

  1. The slide show worked great. What a wonderful town! I bet you could take thousands of photos there…..and maybe you did! Thanks for sharing.


    • I’ve taken hundreds of pictures and it’s hard to choose which to post here. Maybe there will be more after I return home. I don’t seem to be able to control the amount of time each slide is shown. I hope my reader aren’t finding it hard to read the text I inserted in many of the photos.



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