London: Portobello Road Market


Yesterday I took a train to London. Because I’ve been there several times and have seen the famous sights, I chose to go to the famous market in Notting Hill on Portobello Road. Here are some pictures of this mile-long market.


The entrance to Portobello Road.


The street begins with brightly painted homes including these in Easter colors.


In the first few blocks there are many antique dealers, tea rooms and bars. This is apparently not part of the “official” market.


The crowds aren’t quite so large in this pre-market area.



This bar seems to mark the beginning of the official market and the crowded zone!


It seems you can buy almost anything at the Portobello Market. Fruit and vegetable stands seem to be collected in the first block.


Clothing from hats to socks & shoes for everyone were featured in many booths.


Musicians were performing in every block.


You know this caught my eye!


These colorful items are typical of the many unusual offerings.


One father-and-son team were selling antique printer’s type.


I heard languages from all over the world. When I asked a man for directions to the Market he simply said, “Just follow the tourists.”


My favorite place may have been the free Ladies Room. Obviously old (note the beautiful tile floor) but recently updated with 21st century automatic plumbing.


As I left a found a store called AllSaints where all the windows were filled with old sewing machines. They are like the one my mother bought in 1952 and one like my grandmother’s treadle machine.

On my way to the train in Charing Cross station I passed through adjacent Trafalgar Square. Here are few more traditional tourist shots that may bring back memories for many of you.


I don’t know what was going on in Trafalgar Square yesterday but people were obviously having fun. Many were in “fancy dress” (costumes).


Great Britain’s National Gallery of Art is just opposite Trafalgar Square.


On the corner by the Gallery is the Church of Saint Martin in the Fields. It may have been “in the fields” when it was built in 1725 but it’s in the center of everything now.


And from the train as I left the city, a quick snap of the London Eye with towers of Parliament in the background.

Once on a tour of London the guide had us all stand on the porch of St. Martin’s while he played for us Edward R. Murrow’s radio broadcast made while Murrow stood in the same spot, watching London being bombed in 1940. You can hear it here. It is very moving.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my day in London.












4 thoughts on “London: Portobello Road Market

  1. Beautiful photos! Looks like a lovely day in London. I am so enjoying your travels. I loved the Edward R. Murrow link…how important and articulate journalists were in WWII. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Brenda,
      I will never forget standing on the porch of that church, listening to that voice and those words. Another memory I have is Christmastime, 2001, when my husband and I attended a performance and carol sing-along there.


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