Concarneau, France


The main thoroughfare with Sunday shoppers.

March 20, 2016                   Concarneau

Today I drove a few miles from Quimper to a seacoast town that has one rather extraordinary feature: in the middle of the harbor on what must be a man-made island there’s an ancient fortress that’s been turned into a tourist attraction. In the 17th century the famous architect of France’s fortresses, Vauban, created what is now called the “ville clos” (enclosed town).  Important for securing the western part of France from the English when it was built, today it’s a well-regulated and attractive place to visit.  (I didn’t see even one T-shirt for sale!)  Here are a few pictures I took today.


An aerial view of the town showing the fortress. This picture is borrowed from the city’s website. I hope they won’t mind.


Approaching the “ville clos” in low tide.


There were a number of clever and attractive signs. I thought this one of an artist at his easel outside a gallery was the best.


I’m not quite sure what these “bunnies” were doing — we didn’t communicate well! But they were cute!


There is a wide range of old buildings on the site, including a church, a museum, and some attractive homes as well as shops.


A “peep hole” in the walls enabled a view of the fishing fleet and provided stairs down to the surrounding land in low tide.



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