Time Out!


The view from my window has been a comfort.

I’ve had the flu since Thursday and I’m just getting over it. I don’t know what this bug is that they have here but it must have been brought by the Ottomans or another of the enemies of the Knights of St John as a thousand year curse. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything this bad and it’s taking its time about leaving. I’ll be back to this just as soon as I’m back to being a tourist again.


6 thoughts on “Time Out!

  1. I was starting to worry about you…kidnapped? Ran off with a rich tycoon? Lost your computer? But I didn’t want to bug you since I knew you were down with flu.

    We are beginning to pack for trip to Florida to see neighbors who rent there for 3 months every winter. I’m looking forward to a series of sunny days. Today is beautiful here but we seem to have more than our fair share of just gray days this winter.

    The first of the daffodils we planted in the cul-de-sac circle is in bloom. Yeah!! Planting bulbs in that old forest was not easy. We finally had to bring out a power drill with auger attached to it. But if they all bloom and return for many years to come, it will have been worth it.



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