My Mediterranean Morning

(written yesterday morning, mostly)

I was up before the sun this morning, anxious to be outside with my camera for sunrise. Here’s why!



For three days and nights I’m staying in Collioure, a small town in France 15 miles from the border with Spain. That is the Mediterranean Sea at the foot of “my street”! The buildings in this town are centuries old – I’m staying in a place that’s one room wide and deep, four stories high, totally rehabbed with style! But what it doesn’t have is wi-fi.

So I’m writing this brief message which I hope to send from the public library or a wired restaurant later today, just to let you know where I am and that you may not hear too much from me before Wednesday or Thursday.

I haven’t forgotten my promise to write about Sagrada Familia in Barcelona but I need good internet access to give you correct information. My next stop is a college town and I’m sure to have good web access there. I’ve been really lucky with weather on this trip –here it’s been perfect – but the forecast is for endless rain so I may have time for nothing BUT the internet soon!


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