My Lisbon Sunday


Today I went to Belem, the western part of Lisbon. It is best known as the site of several important structures including the Jerónimos Monastery and its Cloisters, the historic Tower of Belém and the Discoveries Monument which honors early world explorers. I visited a large and lovely tropical garden which is adjacent to the monastery.

The Monastery is a very long building. It is famous for its cloisters (which are covered walkways used by the monks and others who lived in monasteries many years ago; they are often ornately carved as these are.) The church is in the eastern end of the building and the national maritime museum of Portugal is now housed in the western end. On the waterfront (about a block in front of the monastery) stands a famous sculpture known as the Monument to the Discoveries. Also on the water’s edge, a hundred or so yards farther west is the very old Belem Tower.

My internet connection is very poor and slow today and the pictures I took in Belem are really not worth showing. I’m going to “cheat” and attach links that will show you and tell you much more than I can.

Jeronimos Monastery and Cloisters

Belem Tower

Discoveries Monument

Maritime Museum (in Portuguese: Museu de Marinha)

The Tropical Garden pictures are mine.



I must admit the highlight of my day was lunch. I returned to a really good restaurant in the commercial district shown in yesterday’s post. The place is called “Em Alta na Baixa” which means “in the high and the low” (this area of town is called the Baixa district because it’s a small valley between high hills). I ordered sea bass and got the most delicious preparation of it I’ve ever had. Two filets of fish were cooked in a sauce of tomato, olives, capers, oil, garlic and spices, then served on a bed of sautéed fresh spinach with potatoes. I asked the chef (who was about my age) if he’d like to move to New Bern but I don’t think he understood me. Here’s a picture:

sea bass




1 thought on “My Lisbon Sunday

  1. Yum – fish has always been my favorite food – this looks spectacular. I was going to go shopping today for some haddock, but decided to do the crossword puzzle instead. I have tons of leftovers that I really should attend to!
    Wish New Bern acted like a real coastal town – hard to find well prepared fish and seafood. Weather has been gorgeous again. Spoiling us for the next cold snap!


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