Market Day


All across Europe open air markets are held on at least a weekly basis. In addition cities have large common market halls generally open six or seven days a week.  One of the largest and most popular markets in Paris is in the neighborhood where I’m staying.  It’s called Richard Lenoir and it begins at the Place de la Bastille and extends for several blocks to the north. I was there early this morning. Here are some scenes I captured.


The displays of vendors selling vegetables and fruit are the largest category — as you see here, they go on for blocks.


Foods offered at the markets are generally of excellent quality and they are always displayed well.


I would like to have made a meal at this Lebanese food stand but it was just breakfast time!



No, this vendor isn’t selling poison! That’s the word for “fish seller” in French. This is only half the display at this stand — who knew there were so many kinds of seafood?


Flowers are another very popular item at every market, especially in late winter and spring.


Much more than food is sold at European markets. At this market people were selling shoes, socks, hats, and clothing of every type…


even these African masks.



I would have loved to bring home food for dinner, but as you can see in this photo of my entire kitchen, my opportunity to cook is somewhat limited! Instead I’m going out for pizza and a beer!

2 thoughts on “Market Day

  1. Greg and I always enjoyed visiting the open air markets when we traveled, although, since we stayed in hotels or guest houses, we could never cook.


    • Sometimes I cook, sometimes I just take pictures. The markets do make for colorful pictures! There were things there I would have loved to cook. One thing that’s been impossible to find here is blueberries. I only noticed one vendor who had them yesterday. There were some wimpy-looking ones in the supermarket last week — all the way from Chile. They didn’t appear to be worth the price.


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