Rovinj, Croatia


Nothing much has changed recently in the old town section of Rovinj. The latest buildings appear to date from the 1600s. One time I arrived on the magnificent Royal Clipper, approaching the city from the northern Adriatic in the early morning light. The tall tower of Saint Euphemia’s church stands in the center of the village, where it’s provided guidance to sailors for centuries. There’s no automobile traffic in the old town, where streets are paved with cobbles and are frequently too narrow to allow for anything wider than motor scooters and pedestrians. Pleasant cafés and small shops depend on tourists. It’s possible to rent an apartment in this section of Rovinj and I’ve recently done that. I look forward to returning for a longer stay in 2016.

Pictures are definitely better than my words for giving you a taste of Rovinj. I hope you’ll enjoy these.


Upon entering Rovinj we were drawn, as if by a magnet, to the proud old St. Euphemia’s church.


From the church we wandered through the old streets toward the center of the village.


I was drawn to the morning market, as I am in any village, town or city I visit.


A typical narrow street with laundry flying overhead.


The entrance to some proud homeowner’s well-loved home.


An art gallery in a passageway between ancient buildings.


Too soon it was time to reboard the Royal Clipper to continue our cruise on the world’s largest clipper ship.

Have you been to Rovinj? To Croatia? Or do you have questions about going there? If so, I hope you’ll use the Comments section here to share your experience or to inquire.

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