Women Who Travel Alone


As I’ve been planning my 2016 journey to Europe recently I’ve been telling my friends about my trip. While my best friends have been encouraging, many women have expressed fear for my safety and amazement that I would do such a thing at my age. Then, last Friday night, as the bad news from Paris began to be known, my son called to say “You’re not going there now, right?” At 6:00 Saturday morning I emailed the agent who arranged my Paris apartment to confirm my arrival plans.

It is not at all uncommon for women – even women with Medicare cards – to travel alone throughout the world. Yesterday I found a gift! On her blog called AdventurousKate.com, a young woman named Kate McCulley posted a listing of 16 women travel bloggers who are age 40+. These women write about their adventures as they explore the world. They are an inspiration for any woman who really wants to leave home for a while to expand her horizons.

You can see this list at http://www.adventurouskate.com/solo-female-travelers-over-40/. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read this post which contains pictures, bio’s and links. It’s inspiring!

What do you think about these women travlelers? What’s been your experience as a solo traveler? Please share by posting a comment below. Thanks!

I found the photo at the top of this page when a friend posted it on Facebook. I know nothing about its source.


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