In County Mayo


This post is for my friend Bee.

We once spent a week in the village called Cong in the Connemara region of western Ireland. Cong is a bit famous. You may have heard it mentioned last week when the death of actress Maureen O’Hara was announced.  She and John Wayne starred in a very popular 1952 movie filmed in Cong entitled “The Quiet Man.” The house that also starred in the movie is still attracting visitors, putting Cong on a few visitors’ maps. Ms. O’Hara’s passing caused me to look again at some of my favorite photos of County Mayo.


This is the house that was featured in the “Quiet Man” starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara.


Cong is at the edge of Lough Corrib.


Part of the countryside in County Mayo is the green for which Ireland is famous. Other areas are quite brown and more mountainous.


A favorite scene of Ireland: Kylemore Abbey


Ancient bridges like this one are common sights in Ireland.


This purely Irish house is quite isolated. It makes me wonder about the people who live there.

2 thoughts on “In County Mayo

  1. I like how you have chunked these sights in Ireland into shorter bits to allow one to enjoy the place mentioned without being overwhelmed.


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