Carpe Diem!


I’ve been struggling to learn French for about 15 years without much success. As you may have heard, as we age it becomes physically  more difficult to learn a new language.  But last year I had the only sort-of French conversation I’ve ever had, while enjoying an excellent dinner at the best B&B I’ve ever experienced. My hosts were charming enough to endure my butchering of their language which I’m sure was made worse by their liberal pouring of fine wine. (They offered to speak English but I was very happy to try out my French.)

I was a guest for two nights at a chambre d’hote called Carpe Diem located in the Yonne region of France, in the tiny village of Massangis, not far from Noyers and Chablis.  “Chambre d’hote” is the French expression for what we English speakers would call a Bed & Breakfast. Over many years Patrick and Eric have converted the ancient barns of a roadside farm into to a magnificent home for themselves and their guests. They have done the work themselves with the help of friends.


My room was perfectly French and furnished down to the last detail. The breakfast was served at their dining table and included the finest French pastries, yoghurt made on the premises, and an assortment of meats, cheese and jams as well as coffee and juice. If arranged in advance, dinner including wine is offered. I urge you not to miss dining at Carpe Diem – in English or French – for an experience you won’t soon forget.


The website for Carpe Diem is  Also, read the reviews on TripAdvisor here.

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