My Morning in Nafplio

Nafplio pier

I was up before the sun and outside waiting for its arrival. We had only one overnight stop in lovely Nafplio Greece and I knew my camera and I would find good pictures here in the morning light. Our hotel was at the water’s edge, facing the old fortress that guards the small harbor. I saw a few fishermen set off for the day in small boats and an old man fishing for octopus. Then the sun peeked over the hills and the water came alive with color.

Nafplio fisherman with octopus

I wandered into the center of old town in Nafplio looking for more scenes to capture. I walked through Constitution Square, past the best gelato shop, and through narrow streets illuminated by the morning light. I found a small café and had a fine breakfast of Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit and strong black coffee. It was a morning to remember.

Nafplio hotel with bougainvillea

Nafplio is a popular tourist destination but the season must be short because we found few tourists there in mid-September. What I did find were small “pensions” (B&B’s) and cafés that I’m sure are worth investigating. I look forward to returning one day to explore and enjoy this lovely place.

Nafplio harbor scene early morning


A delightful young woman from Poland served my breakfast at a café on the ground floor of this pension:

The Greek Tourist Office site about Nafplio:

A private, non-commercial site about the town:

I’m very grateful to my friend and client Wally Jamerson, who visited Nafplio as a child, for telling me about it.

See my pre-visit blog entry about Nafplio here.



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