What a great vacation!

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A few days ago I returned from three-and-a-half weeks in the Mediterranean region including 11 days on the exciting Star Clipper. While I collect my thoughts and organize my photographs, I will share this with you: a beautiful video of the Star Clipper, the world’s tallest sailing ship.

A very professional video has just been posted on the Star Clipper company’s blog.  It’s less than three minutes long, but it will give you an idea of how thrilling it can be to sail on this beauty.  I hope you’ll follow this link to see it.



About Libbie Griffin

For several months recently I've been traveling around Europe. Write to me at in.my.suitcase.too@gmail.com if you would like to receive a very short email each time I post new words and pictures here. I would love for you to tell your friends who love to travel about this blog. And I would be very happy to read about your experiences, your suggestions and your questions in the comments section. Let's make this blog a conversation! Thanks! Libbie Griffin
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