Korcula Croatia

Korcula Croatia

Sailing into Korcula Croatia

Sailing into the medieval town of Korcula on an island of the same name in the Adriatic,  it’s easy to believe that we’re sailing back in time. The island appears to be little changed from the time of Marco Polo, said to have been born here in the year 1254. Still guarded by its walls and turrets, the small village (population under 3,000) is built entirely of stone, laced by narrow passageways where laundry flies like flags overhead.

When I was there I was particularly fascinated by the carved edifice of the small cathedral. Built around 1300 AD, there are almost-obscene sculptures of Adam and Eve along with a very fanciful carved elephant, a crocodile, a winged dragon, gargoyles and monsters.

I’m returning to Korcula soon.  Perhaps this time I’ll wander outside the village, exploring the island during our long port call.  Or I may just spend the day wandering through the passages with camera in hand.  There will be time to return for lunch at a small restaurant on the edge of the island called Jelovnik for the freshest fish, Croatian potato salad, delightful local wine.  Again I’ll dine outdoors, over looking the blue Adriatic.


One of my favorite blogs is written by an Australian ex-pat who now lives in Croatia. She calls her blog Chasing the Donkey and calls herself “Mrs. Donkey.” Find her most interesting blog by clicking here.  The link will take you directly to her page of Croatian language help.

Lots of good info here: http://www.korculainfo.com/

This government tourist agency site has gorgeous pictures: http://www.visitkorcula.eu/#

A newly introduced ferry service runs twice a week, May to October, between Split – Milna – Hvar – Korcula – Dubrovnik. click here to check timetable and prices

Sadly we’ll miss the Korkyra Baroque Festival, a recently-established international music festival. Now in its third year, it will run in Korcula from 6-12 September 2014. (English information here)

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