Who Am I?


I’m retiring!  I’ve been working for the past several years as an independent travel agent and occasional tour guide. That’s enabled me to travel to Alaska, to Canada, through the Panama Canal and to much of Europe as well as to great American cities such as Seattle and Charleston. It’s been fun but I’m an original Boomer. The time has come to pursue my own interests — interests such as developing this blog.

At the age of 18 I traveled from Ohio to the California coast in a ‘62 Ford with my new husband. I’ll never forget places with exotic names like Tucumcari – or the mechanic in Barstow who convinced two kids that they’d die crossing the dessert if they didn’t buy new tires from him! Life’s lessons learned. My life’s travels begun.

Since then I’ve lived in many places: California (three times), Texas (twice), Massachusetts (for a long time), Maine (not long enough), Ohio (which has always been “home”), New Jersey (where I married for the second time) and for two years during the Vietnam War in Okinawa (where my son was born).  I’ve traveled to 46 of the US states and to many countries of Europe. Now I live in Eastern North Carolina and travel as often as possible.

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